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Name: Pendik At Last
Date Of Birth: September 26, 1993
Address: Curahjati Rock City [C.R.C]
Phone: 085204041760

In my life, music is like basic needs that must be met.
I really liked the music, especially if the flow is,
Japanese melodic punk or now even better as "Melodic Hardcore" ..
a lot of Japanese bands that I like. of which: Four Get Me A nots, Specialthanks, Dustbox, Hi-Standard, Ken Yokoyama, Totalfat etc.. I also wanted to be a musician like them.
My first experience performing with SHS. at SHS me as the lead-guitar.
besides that, I also have a website that I take care of itself.
goal to create a website, to share what I know about the world of music.
according to the name of my website: "INDIE music download & Promotion".
I tried to make this website to be the best.
trying to make different things, from websites that already exist ..
not just share it. but, I would like to help promote your band indie.
in order to work your band could be heard and accepted by other people ..
most everything I wrote in my blog, is about indie bands, local and international.
download link I gave everything for free, but remember!!
if you guys really appreciate the work of a band, buy the cd / dvd original.
until now, I continue to strive to provide the most complete and updated information ..
so, for my friends. I hope you guys continue to support me ..
and do not forget your comments and suggestions are important to me. everything for the betterment of this website....