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Hometown: Rochester, New York Jeremy Call (24) – lead vocals, guitar Mike Tandle (23) – bass James Longstreet (22) – drums, vocals Nate Gregory (21) – guitar, vocals It is often said that if you want to get to the best part of the story you have to read the last page first, but in this case, you will want to savor every last second of this power-pop foursome known as LastPageFirst. Hailing from Rochester, NY, LastPageFirst has gone from playing skate parks and youth events, when they started out 5 years ago, to opening up for the likes of Juliana Theory and Bleach. While over the years the band has grown and established their signature sound, one thing is clear: making music is more than a job, it’s their passion. “Our goal is to build relationships with people”, says lead singer and guitarist Jeremy Call, who makes it a point to connect with their audience on a personal level. It’s not unusual to see them hanging out after a show to chat with fans or just dropping in on their online message board to say hello. “I want to show people that I’m just like them,” adds Call. “I’ve had problems, relationships that have failed and ones that have been amazing – but there’s one thing that’s been constant in my life and that’s God.”

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