May Our Sunday

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May Our Sunday formed at surabaya,Indonesia at the middle of 2009 when Brilyan ask Zulmi to form a band with different sounds as their old band,so they are start to find the right people to complete the formation,soon after that they meet Bimo and Dendy the drummer and guitarist for Pop-Punk band Loserpants.when brilyan and zulmi asked them to join the band they agree first brilyan and zulmi was the lead vocalist for the band but,they didn't feel good about their voice so they lookin for a female vocalist to add a different taste on their music. soon after that,they found Nita and she's agree to join the band that made the formation complete

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> All Has Gone
> Girl Of Bravery
> My Dear

Lyrics & Chord:
All Has Gone by May Our Sunday.
written by Nita

In a dark night
When the stars show their lights
You curse to the sky
Keep claiming that your life is over
You judge God and blame him 'bout your life
And wish the Heaven will come to you somehow
Just regret of what you've got

Displeased with all the things
Get stuck with what's around

[Reff] All you see and you can feel just sorrow
Without hoping for tomorrow
And all you've made has gone
You just let it go
All you've built just turn to dust and you fall
Without holding what you've owned
And all you've made has gone
You just let it go

The way you face yourself
You break your heart again
Just find something to hold on
And let your steps go on
Better regret with something you don't deserve
Better get everyting what can make you feel better
No need to drown yourself

Displeased with all the things
Get stuck with what's around


Just take my hand and wake again

Displeased with all the things
Get stuck with what's around


Girl Of Bravery by May Our Sunday.
written by Nita

She was a girl of bravery
And nothing could stop her
Doing things without a fear
Let guys called her "Hey, Sexy!"
And anything for popularity
She made good time
And still nothing could stop her
But finally she felt so empty
And she's thinking in all her dreams

Good bye
She said good bye
To all the wasted time
And she said

[Reff] When you're doing your goodtime
But don't really know that you'll be just fine
And you'll realize
The age let you do some fun
Then you'll grow with the stories what make you bad
And you'll just regret
Don't let yourself, girl

And she's thinking once again
And silly things become nothing

She found it meaningless

My Dear by May Our Sunday.
written by Zulmi

I'm sick of dealing with you
And tired of trying to get you
None of the days without argue
I've been trying to understand you
Have you been too?
Why don't you just kill me?
Oh, then you'll set me free
Let's see where I went wrong today
Having a 5 minute conversation
What a sick babe

I can't move, can't breathe
I can't even hide it

[Reff] My Dear, why can't you set me free?
I'm not your prisoner
My Dear, why can't you let me free?
Yes, I'm sick of
Yes, I'm sick of forgiving

I climbed the hill
You threw rocks to me
I built a garden
You cut the flowers off
Remember all the things you've done nothing to lose if i go
I try to go out the circle but you burn up the line

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