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Japan's Aichi Prefecture is famous for being the home prefecture of many melodic rock bands with female vocals. But among them all, SpecialThanks is the most highly anticipated band ever, and they have made their long awaited debut! SpecialThanks has four members, and is melodic rock/pop punk band. The vocalist Misaki has superb skills and is very artistic. Her attractive looks balance out two seemingly contradictive attributes: she exudes a sense of maturity and charisma quite unlike someone who hasn't yet turned 20, while also showing an adorable side. Misaki's vocals are joined by a decidedly 'orthodox' melodic rock/pop punk sound that stands in contrast to the typical 'cutesy' sound of a band with female vocals. Those never before seen characteristics have gathered a lot of attention. In 2009 they performed a concert overseas, making them a must-see band at a global level.

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> Great Guitar!! - Demo CD-R [2008.7.7] password: pendikatlast

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