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Anti Social Student
Was formed in Hachioji in October 2004 .
DEMO CD is called the topic live house , or,
From RX-RECORDS, to release 1st Album of the long-awaited " FUTURE " in May 2008 .
To perform LIVE activities such as vigorous to SOLD OUT at Koenji High Joint planning SOLD OUT, with allies SORRY FOR A FROG the " boy riot GIG09 " the TOUR FINAL Shimokitazawa SHELTER, mainly in Kanto .
The release 2nd Album to be Junji after joining the first in July 2009 the " Milky Way " .
I end with a great success at Shinjuku LOFT the TOUR FINAL.
The 3rd Album release the " Primary Dream " in April 2011

3 greatly influenced BEATLES and OASIS, to Nirvana , etc. underlying (Hi-STANDARD, BRAHMAN, NukeyPikes, LAGWAGON etc.) melodic hard core 90 's, play a sound like a storm chorus work of three people entangled exquisitely piece melodic punk band .
People who like melodic in both Japanese music , the Western tears thing
Dissolution in December 2011

Takumi Kokutani / Guitar.Vo.
Naoya Kitamura / Drums.
Junji Matsushita / Bass.

"FUTURE" 1st Full Album
Number of Discs: 1
Released date: 2008.05.02

03.The Way 85 
04.Go Beyond Myself 
05.Eat The Turkey
06.One True Thing
07.You Are My Destiny
08.Get Sick
09.See You In My Dream
10.Whoever Needs Somebody
11.Punkrock Of The Caribbean
12.I Will Always Love You
13.Fallin' all

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