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BBQ Chickens is the 80`s infuenced punk-hardcore band from Japan. They were founded in 2000 in Tokyo by 4 guys: Hatano (Drums), Hongolian (Vocal), Iso (Bass), Ken (Guitar). BBQ Chickens released 4 albums:
“INDIE ROCK STRIKES BACK” (2001), “GOODBYE TO YOUR PUNK ROCK” (2002), the album of covers “FINE SONGS PLAYING SUCKS” (2003) and “CROSSOVER AND OVER” (2011).

Also they had an appearance on MTV’s “Jackass” program, and a prize for Best Alternative Video for their song “Sick Guy/Stupid Magazine,” at Space Shower Music Video Awards.

Number of Discs: 1
Genres: Rock
Released: 2013.10.09
Label: Pizza Of Death Records

Format: M4A / 320kbps

1. Red
2. Blue Blood in Your Heart
3. Nippon
4. Quicksand
5. Broken Bubbles
6. Pride vs Pride
7. Thrash Till You Crash
8. Maya
9. Japanese Sunday Evening
10 Right Here, Right Now
11 Shibuya PM5, Tonight
12 Dough Song
13 Ace of Spades
14 Sick Boy
15 Rise Above
16 Shakedown
17 Ken\'s Theme
18 Good Night

Password: pendikatlast

Crossover And Over
Number of Discs: 1
Genres: Rock
Style: Hardcore, Heavy Metal
Released: 05 Oct 2011
Label: Pizza Of Death Records ‎– PZCA-51

1. Here Comes The Time To Dance
2. Revenge
3. Raised Up In Hell
4. One Night BODO
5. Xie Xie
6. Woo Baby
7. Action Not Words
8. C’mon
9. Too Much Information
10. Let’s Fuckin’ Go
11. Push Push
12. Get Faster, Get Shorter, Get Madder
13. Is This Justice
14. Andrew’s Theme
15. Shu Ha Ri
16. God Blast You
17. No Nuclear Power
18. Sex