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japanese pop punk band Members: masato kanai (vocal & guitar) 
hiroya kakinuma (guitar & vocal) 
ib riad (drums) 
hideto yasui (bass) 
mao higashide (strings) BIGMAMA was formed on 2001. called pop punk band with strings. they has been sold 2,000 copies of DEMO-CD as D.I.Y. in July of 2006, they released 1st Mini Album 「SHORT FILMS」from RX-RECORDS as a second artists following RIDDLE. and it has been sold over 8,000 copies. in October of 2006, they halted at a while… in February 10, 2007 at LIQUIDROOM, they got new member and reopened. they will release New single on June 6, 2007. Discography: [2006.07.05] Short Films [2007.06.06] BOYS DON’T FLY [2007.09.05] Neverland [2007.12.05] Love and Leave [2008.09.17] Weekly Fairy Tale [2008.12.03] Dowsing For The Future [2010.10.06] Roclassick

alongside / 10th Single
Number of Discs: 1
Genres: Rock
Released: 2013.08.28
Label: RX Records

1. alongside
2. look at me

Password: pendikatlast